City Living with a Swing

Anchored by a people-centric and community-oriented design, Larkinton Johor Bahru offers 68 acres of seamless integrated lifestyle next to a prestigious 18-hole golf course, where life is a chorus of harmony.

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Johor Bahru's Latest Greenfront Lifestyle Centre

Larkinton is an integrated master plan envisioned as a celebration of diversity and all that life has to offer; a nexus of lifestyle and entertainment, art and culture, commodities and ideas that invites engagement in a vibrant, stimulating community. Spanning 68 acres of prime freehold land in JB city, facing the prestigious 18-hole Johor Golf and Country Club, Larkinton is the future home to an irresistible curated collection that will empower lifestyles and enrich lives, featuring serviced apartments & retail, luxury serviced residences, neighbourhood mall, convention centre, business tower, convention hotel and leisure hotel.


Shop . Park

Where nature and steel coalesce, and urban tales unfold amidst echoes of metropolitan dreams.


Work . Show

Where human connections and community engagement weave a tapestry of shared moments and heartfelt emotions.


Stay . Pamper

Where hearts find their tether, and where dreams take flight, carried on the wings of possibility.



An irresistible allure

Wide and appealing avenues lined with stylish boutiques, chic and comfortable seating areas decked out in lush indoor greenery, so ambient lighting that cast a warm glow; Larkinton Mall is a tasteful blend of convenience and aesthetics, where retail therapy meets leisurely comfort.

Explore, linger and savour the tantalising array of experiences on offer, in spaces designed for both indulgence and relaxation.


Urban greenery unfolds

At Larkinton, the symphony of nature’s allure is seamlessly woven into the fabric of urban life. Amidst modern steel structures are pockets of greenery, where flourishing trees provide a verdant canopy, and the air carries the fragrance of fresh lawn and blooming flowers.

Enjoy a lifestyle that draws you into nature, right in the heart of JB City.


Framed by fairways

Located right next to the historic and prestigious Johor Golf and Country Club, Larkinton offers the opportunity for you to enjoy exclusive access to JGCC’s wide array of well-appointed facilities. Partake in a lifestyle of luxury, where days are spent on the green, and evenings are spent by the pool, indulging in fine dining, and forging connections in the vibrant social atmosphere.

This is a community where the artistry of golf meets the comfort of home.



To greater heights

A glittering tower of sleek sophistication, the Flexon Business Tower is the archetype of professional functionality and tasteful elegance. These contemporary workspaces are equipped with technology and amenities for optimal productivity and collaboration.

Where efficiency meets ease in every operation.


A dynamic synergy

Step foot into a realm of possibilities. The Larkinton Centre serves as a cutting-edge convention hub, equipped to host conferences, conventions, art and cultural exhibitions, and community gatherings that draw a diverse audience and stimulates local businesses.

Engage and connect with people of common interests and values.



Transcend the ordinary

Wake up to a verdant canvas that captivates the senses and soothes the soul. This serene expanse of green is the historic Johor Golf & Country Club, an 18-hole golf course right outside your balcony. Well-designed and luxuriously finished, Skyon offers a life of refinement and comfort.

This is a sanctuary where stress dissolves and tranquility prevails.


Savour every moment

AdisonEast offers a range of environmentally-friendly and small-footprint floorplans to suit modern lifestyles. Discover the art of making conscious choices and the joy of living deliberately, because when you discard excess for essentials, you can live life untethered.

Where life takes on a character of its own.


Revel in relaxation

Painted in shades of green and blue, the verdant canvas of this tranquil retreat unfolds like a masterpiece painted by Mother Nature’s deft hand. A haven of unparalleled relaxation and refined indulgence, the leisure hotel is adorned with tasteful décor and luxurious amenities, perfect for locals and tourists alike.


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